ROV Training / Expert level – Underwater inspection – October 2019

We recently completed a ROV training which took place in our training lake near Nantes with Bluerobotics material
This complete ten-days training makes learners able to master ROV operator different aspects.
An echo sounder was used during this technical training to work effectively in a fluvial environment with high turbidity

More information

  • 35 meters depth reached during the training
  • Technical inspection of various submerged objects (pipeline, plane, truck, etc.)
  • Object recovery exercises with subsea gripper
  • Cable management exercises in confined environment
  • Umbilical cable release exercises
  • Ten hours of ROV diving
  • More than 15 missions carried out

The technical means available during the ROV training

  • 2Two training sites
  • 3 ROVs, one equipped with a handling clamp
  • 1 ROV expert
  • 1 salle de formation
  • Training room