MiniROVs and ObsROVs are booming. They allow structures to be reached quickly at medium depths, without requiring significant resources.

ObsROv are used more and more for dam inspection, offshore works surveillance or pipeline monitoring.

New models appear each year, always more efficient, always more accessible. These tools with very large capacities all have special features:

  • different components
  • various riding modes
  • more or less high image quality

Their installation sometimes requires certain conditions. It is within the framework of this technological dynamic that we offer a CONSULTING service to companies.

Mini ROV Consulting Subairtech
  • How to integrate ROV into our activities?

  • What material best meets our needs?

  • How to carry out quality inspections?

  • How many operators should be trained?

We advise and support you in your ROV project

To best support companies asking this type of question, SUBAIRTECH offers a consulting service:

  • Market research,
  • Elaboration of specifications,
  • Feasibility study,
  • PSpecific recommendations & support.

The objective of SUBAIRTECH is thus to provide its customers with an external and specialized point of view. Our experts make you benefit from their diverse experiences and their technical skills. This consulting service will allow you to progressively evolve towards new methodologies while optimizing your development strategy.

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