Objectives of the training course:

  • Become aware of the basic security concepts
  • Understand the regulation
  • Assimilate mechanic, electronic and sealing techniques
  • Be able to plan a survey mission with a ROV
  • Be able to pilot the ROV in various conditions (sea water, inland water…)
  • Debrief a mission
  • Condition a ROV after a mission


This training course is aimed at professionals wishing to master ROV piloting for underwater inspection missions. We offer both theoretical instruction over this type of vehicle and a concrete training. This real-working situation training will allow you to acquire fundamental skills while piloting ROVs.

You will thus be able to work autonomously for your future underwater inspection missions.

For practical exercises, you’ll have access to a quarry within which you will explore some wrecks (planes, boats, nozzle outlet, sunken objects…) up to 40m deep, to realize your exercises.

Prérequisite :

Suitable for all

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Training course calendar

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Extract of the training program – 5 DAYS

1st Module: the ROV universe

✘ The different types of ROV

✘ Technical evolution

✘ Fields of application

2nd Module: The ROV functioning

✘ Components

✘ Electrical and sealing security

✘ Buoyancy and weight

✘ Components presentation

3rd Module: Piloting the ROV

✘ Emerged navigation

✘ Out sight navigation

✘ Deep piloting

4th Module: Inspection methods

✘ Land station organization

✘ Image shooting

✘ Debriefing

5th Module: Realizing a totally autonomous inspection mission

  • Multiple training rooms
  • Training ROV
  • Professionally equipped ROV
  • Training site in sea water
  • Training site in inland water
  • Multiple sunken training structures
  • Professional ROV piloting simulator
  • Two instructors

Functioning of the training course:

  • Presentation of the instructor, the students, the equipment and the training schedule.
  • Terms and explanation of the functioning
  • According to the weather: alternating between theoretical courses (components, regulation, mission planning…) and practical training (ROV piloting).
  • Throughout all the training, we invite the students to freely intervene, exchange and ask question, for a dynamic and rich training.

Time table of the training course

From monday to friday

9.00 – 12.30

14.00 – 17.30


For lunch, various options are offered like eating directly on the spot. Indeed, you’ll find within our facilities the necessary equipment (fridges, micro-waves), a room to chill and relax and for good weathered days.

To the convenience of the students, we can as well eat outside as various affordable restaurants are located less than a kilometer away from our center.


Our formation center is located close to numerous hotels allowing you to get an accommodation according to your budget (Ibis, Première Classe, Novotel, etc.) Airbnb apartments, bed and breakfast accommodation and cottages are as well available.

  • Continuous assessment
  • Practical exercices
  • Role-playing
  • Débriefing