What is a ROV?

A Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is an unoccupied underwater robot connected to the surface via a series of cables. Those cables transmit commands and control signals between the operator and the ROV, allowing a remote navigation of the vehicle. A ROV can carry a video camera, lights, sonar systems and an articulated arm. This robotic arm can be used to collect small objects, cut lines or fix lifting hooks to bigger objects.

Even though there is a lot of different use for ROVs, some of their most common hydro-graphic applications include the identification and inspection of submerged objects. A ROV is not aimed at replacing divers’ hydro-graphic researches, but could serve as a substitute if divers are not available or if their safety is put to the question.

Thanks to the facility of its execution, a ROV can be used on different sites during the same day. Easy to move, it needs only few minutes to be operational.

A ROV can thus rapidly intervene in industrial confined environments (water tanks, immersed pipes, water reserves for emergencies, flooded tunnels…).

ROVs (remotely controlled vehicle) can intervene in various professional fields but as well in scientific researches contexts. Their use allows the realization of various missions within environments often hostile for humans.

The use of ROV represents the privileged solution to intervene in industrial closed spaces, as storage tanks inspections and the inspection of structures needing a regular check.

Our ROV professional training courses

Subairtech ACADEMY is a professional ROV formation center located in the area of Nantes’ agglomeration. Our center of formation possesses all  equipment needed for a qualitative formation: training course room, workshop, professional simulator, underwater areas for the exercises…

You are a technical inspections professional for underwater areas? The training courses we offer answers to every necessary criteria needed to master the piloting of a ROV.

1stROV piloting formation center of the Atlantic’s shores, we have elaborated various training courses in order to answer as closely as possible to the professionals’ needs.

Every person taking part of ROV operations must be competent enough to execute the designated tasks.

This skill must be proven by the relevant qualification and a professional experience, but most of the time a combination of both is required.

Our areas of expertise

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