SubAirTech is first and foremost the history of different experts encounters.

SubAirTech is a society established in Nantes’ region. Created in 2013, our historical activity consists in the inspection and maintenance of industrial equipment. Rapidly, we surrounded ourselves with various experts in different domains in order to answer to the very diversified needs of our clients.

Facing the continually rising number of demands for underwater inspections, we decided to buy ROVs in order to accompany our clients on different sites and inspections they were not able to carry on without the use of a ROV.

Our crew:

  • ROV operator
  • ROV instructors
  • Geographer (Geography and Cartography master degree)
  • Environment research coordinator (University diploma of Environmental Sciences)
  • Terrestrial and underwater archaeologist (Underwater and Maritime Archaeology master degree)
  • Civil engineering expert
  • Public work expert
  • Industrial maintenance expert

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