The inspection of underwater areas can nowadays be conducted in easier, faster and cheaper ways thanks to the use of underwater drones, called ROV (Remotely Operated System).

Various areas of application are due to use submarine shootings: submerged infrastructures, dam, pipeline, maritime expertise of boats (hull), underwater surveys, aquaculture, etc.…

SubAirTech offers to answer to your underwater survey request with its professional underwater drones equipped with powerful LED light system, high resolution color cameras, avoiding-obstacles captors or live video footage in order for the client to get an instantaneous view of the underwater recording.

Our underwater ROV’s services

Maritime technical inspections with ROV

Underwater drones offer a fast and efficient survey of technical infrastructures such as wind turbines, offshore platforms or pipelines. Our ROVs, remotely operated robots, allow us to obtain real-time underwater images to diagnose any failure or to give a precise and complete analysis of the submerged infrastructures.


Wind turbines and maritime energy

Wind and maritime energies constitute an increasingly popular alternative in a context of energetic transition. SubAirTech can conduct surveys such as the inspection of the submerged parts thanks to its fleet of ROV. Flaws and wear-offs can then be rapidly and uncostly enlightened. To know more, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a personalized offer.


Offshore oil platform – pipeline

Surveying the submerged structures of offshore oil platform or pipeline can reveal itself costly and laborious. Underwater drones are thus an interesting alternative, allowing to analyze every inch of the platform or infrastructure by taking pictures or videos recreating the underwater reality. SubAirTech can allow you to realize this type of underwater inspections by ROV.

Water industry structure surveys

The water industry is a domain within which the inspection of infrastructures can be complicated. Indeed, reaching the base of dams, bridges, breakwaters or tanks and water pipes used for human consumption require specific equipment. SubAirTech fulfills all requirements in this context by offering you the inspection of your water industry structures thanks to its underwater drones – ROV.


Infrastructures: bridges – breakwaters – dams

Dams can represent a potential risk for local population, in the event of a brutal water purge or rupture. In this context, yearly visit-inspections of dams are important and necessary. The visit-inspection purpose is to control the facing of the dam (joints between plots) and everything that is related to the good functioning and the security of the dam (intake pipes, flood draining, bottom draining…).

Such inspections were before conducted while the dam was drained: a really costly and binding method. Nowadays, thanks to ROV technology geared with powerful lighting system and video cameras, it is possible to conduct those surveys in faster and more economic ways.


Tanks and water pipes used for human consumption

Surveying tanks and water pipes is needed in various contexts such as:

  • Renewal of the installations, adding of new pipes
  • Renovating installations
  • Regulatory yearly maintenance
  • Renewal of pipes

A ROV inspection aim is to control the state of the immersed part of the installation or equipment. This survey comes with pictures and videos allowing you to establish a complete diagnosis of the anomalies with concrete illustrations.

Underwater images

Collecting underwater images allows us to analyze the marine ecosystem and identify the species living within. It is as well useful to get an overview of the invasive floradangerous for the ecosystem. Underwater robots can then realize a rapid video footage, usable as part of documentaries or movies about the underwater life.  Another advantage about underwater surveys by ROV: you can look for sunken objects as well.


Marine ecosystem analysis

In the field of the identification of underwater species, the use of ROV technology becomes really handy as it is a non-intrusive way to film and take pictures of marine floraand fauna. Thus, according to your very own project, it is possible to get diverse footage and recordings of the underwater life.

This kind of inspection provides as well a mean to detect and monitor the invading species that might have a negative impact on the biodiversity, economic activities or even the health.


Underwater life-documentaries and movies

Using a ROV to film and record images of the underwater life enables you to explore the depths of the ocean, the lake or any other aquatic area. Our fleet of ROV could allow you to capture unique footage and videos to illustrate your documentary, film or reporting.

Thanks to the live video and the adjustable lighting system of the robots, you can yourself guide our experts to select the images you would like and answer your requests as closely as possible.

formation pilotage rov, inspection subaquatique

Sunken objects research

Thanks to their compact design and their ability to dive up too 300m deep, underwater robots are the perfect tool to look for sunken objects, sea or inland water shipwrecks. We can provide high quality images to precisely determinate what is hidden under the sea.

Easy and fast to put into action, the ROV can be sunken from our boat, a shore or even a dock: SubAirTech adapts to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Maritime expertise

It can sometimes be difficult and expensive to inspect maritime equipment and boats, even more if those are submerged and difficult to reach. The advantages of using ROVs are then obvious: their compact design and fast implementation, the underwater robot will be able to show you images allowing to evaluate damages and any maintenance work needed to fix them.


Marinas’ equipment inspections

Submerged marinas’ equipment is due to be regularly checked to ensure everyone’s safety. Our different ROVs could allow you to know each equipment wear (docks etc.) and thus find and implement the necessary measures to maintain, repair or replace them.


Maritime expertise of boats

The maritime inspections of boats (hull) by ROVs represents a faster and cheaper process than the hauling of the boat out of the water. Once underwater, the robot will indeed be able to inspect the submerged part of the hull and to convey live images to witness the actual state of the equipment.


The Aquaculture is an activity consisting in farming animals or plants in an underwater environment, which is currently developing itself and requires a high degree of monitoring and maintenance to be able to keep a great quality. Aquaculture can take place in rivers, ponds, sea-shores: areas that are totally reachable by our ROVs to get the needed images of the underwater farms.


Monitoring and controlling of fish-farms

ROVs can monitor fish-farm cages, hatchery, shell nursery, and any fish-farm facility in the sea or inland waters. It is thus easy to collect underwater images of the farming installations to assess their state of use, and to eventually consider some changes or improvements.

Inspection ostréiculture par rov

Monitoring and controlling of oyster-farms

Oyster farming can benefit from the same underwater ROV inspections, as for example a quick shooting of the oyster farm tables for example. This could represent a mean to control the good health of the oysters but also to control the spreading of harmful algaethat could lead to the collapse of the farm. 


Monitoring and controlling of algae-farms

As for the two previous points, underwater robots can take pictures or record videos of the different species of algae, being in an algaefarm or simply in their natural environment.


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