And here is our new Mini ROV: the Chasing M2

Today, we acquire a new ROV for the underwater part of DRONE ON AIR: SUBAIRTECH. This professional underwater drone was created by Chasing Innovation and is a real jewel.

Its 8 thrusters allow it to move omnidirectionally to reach depths of 100 to 200 meters depending on the length of its cable. It progresses at an approximate speed of 3 knots. Its two LED spotlights of 2000 Lumens each and its F1.8 aperture provide ideal visibility and allows photography in low light. Weighing 4.5 kg, it is capable of carrying equipment up to 1.5 kg.

It also features real-time image feedback on the remote control screen or via HDMI. The M2 allows you to take pictures in 12MP and film in 4K 30fps, it also has EIS technology offering high quality stabilization. This mini ROV is resourceful, in addition to its low weight and small size, it has an autonomy of up to 4 hours for optimal time saving during long missions but also storage on a 64GB micro SD card.