ROV survey – Dam – August 2019

Pyrenean lake – Font Romeu

This summer, SUBAIRTECH carried out an underwater inspection in the Pyrenees high mountains. The beauty of the site was disturbed by climatic conditions, worthy of winter in the middle of August.
Our team intervened to observe the general condition of a one hundred meters water supply system and to identify structural disorders


The function of the structure inspected is:

  • Supply potable water to neighboring towns
  • Supply the snow cannons of the Font Romeu ski resort in winter.

During the inspection, many high-definition photos and videos were taken in order to identify any anomalies in the system. The objective was to detect a leak.

The turbidity of the dam lake was good.
(Water at 15 ° C)
Intervention depth: 15 meters
Working time: About 3 hours

The means used to achieve this mission

  • 2 ROVs equipped with HD camera
  • 2 ROV experts
inspection robot réseau assainissement