ROV Inspection – Drinking Water Network

– March 2020 Blangy sur Bresle – Normandy

SUBAIRTECH carried out a underwater inspection by ROV on a drinking water catchment well in the commune of Blangy sur Bresle in Seine Maritime.

As this gallery had probably not been visited for many years (70’s), we had relatively little information on the structure, access, condition and sensitive elements.

Thus, access to gallery is inside a well in the pumping station building, at a depth of about 9m. The MiniROV must therefore be move vertically downwards before entering the horizontal gallery.

The objective of this mission was to carry out an inventory of the submerged areas of the pumping station infrastructures.

The turbidity of the water body was very good.
Well accessibility: easy to medium
Water temperature 11° C
Depth of intervention: 9 meters
Duration of intervention: Approximately 2H30 hours