Maintenance visit for fire water tanks

Water tank inspections are sometimes difficult, time consuming and expensive if the traditional method of emptying the tank is used.

SubAirTech was asked to inspect water tanks with an underwater robot (Remotely Operated Vehicle).

They are many advantages in using this inspection method.

The underwater robot (ROV) is light and handy, it does not require large human resources

The ROV can inspects the fire tanks keeping them full. This avoids wasting water. Unnecessary and expensive.

We have a live video feed of the ROV. All videos can be recorded. We can then use them to produce the inspection report.

The technical means used

To carry out this service, an expert was asked for a day for the inspection of the tank.

The underwater robot used : BlueROV

rov inspection bache incendie
Ecran transmission rov inspection bache incendie
robot sous marin inspection reservoir incendie