ROV operator training focus - December 2018

Our training is aimed to people who wish to acquire skills necessary to have good command of a ROV (Remotely operated vehicle).

Our training course offers both theoretical and practical learning with our experts.

Our exercises provide skills in piloting and capturing underwater images.

Our main training lake allows submerged structure’s inspections up to 40 meters (bus, plane, pipes, etc.)


During our last training session, our students were placed in a professional situation to improve their skills.

More information

  • 38 meters Depth reached during this training
  • Technical inspection of many submerged objects
  • Object recovery exercises with ROV gripper
  • Umbilical cable management
  • Almost 20 hours of immersion
  • Over 25 missions completed

The technical resources available during the training

  • 2 training sites
  • 2 ROVs, one equipped with a gripper
  • 2 ROV experts
  • Professional ROV simulator
  • 1 training room
  • Practical and theoretical courses (ROV technician course)
Formation opérateur ROV
Formation ROV subaquatique
Formation opérateur ROV