ROV training – underwater inspection – May 2019

A new training has just ended with 4 trainees.

They were lucky to enjoy the good weather during their professional training.

The turbidity of the training water body was excellent (12 ° water)


More info

  • 30 meters depth reached during this training
  • Technical inspection of some submerged objects (pipes, plane, truck, etc.)
  • Object recovery exercises with subsea gripper
  • umbilical cable management exercises in confined environment
  • Umbilical release exercises
  • More than 20 hours of ROV diving
  • More than 10 missions carried out

Technical resources available during ROV operator training

  • 2 training sites including a river one
  • 3 ROVs, one equipped with a gripper
  • 2 ROV experts
  • 1 training room
  • Practical and theoretical courses