ROV EXPERT training

Underwater 3D modeling – September 2019

In some cases, conventional underwater inspection is not enough. Underwater photogrammetry methodology could be the appropriate solution in some scopes.
The objectives of this ROV EXPERT training are:
  • Understand the means necessary for photogrammetry process,
  • Have a good knowledge of underwater objects 3D modeling,
  • Master softwares like Metashape and QControl
The turbidity of the training water body was excellent (Water at 21 °)


More informations :

  • 24 meters deep reached during this training
  • Survey and modeling of somes submerged objects

Technical means available during the training 

  • Training site
  • 2 ROVs equipped with an HD camera sensor
  • 1 ROV expert
  • 1 photogrammetry expert
  • Training room
  • Computer equipped with 3D modeling and photogrammetry software
Formation Modélisation 3D subaquatique 3