ROV training January 2019

Our last ROV training session has just ended.

Although it was very cold, the students took advantage of the very good underwater conditions: low turbidity – calm water.

2019 New : We have a second artificial lake for training which brings more underwater diversity to our trainees.

During our last training session, our students carried out many inspections using exercise sheets with increasing difficulty throughout their training course.

More info :

  • 35 meters depth reached during this training
  • Technical inspection of different submerged objects
  • Object recovery exercises with subsea gripper
  • Umbilical cable management exercises
  • More than 20 hours of ROV immersion
  • Over 30 missions completed

Technical resources available during ROV operator training

  • 2 training sites
  • 2 ROVs, one equipped with a subsea gripper
  • 2 ROV experts
  • Professional ROV simulator
  • 1 training room
  • Practical and theoretical courses (ROV technician course)